How to Untangle Your Ginger Lace Front Wig

How to Untangle Your Ginger Lace Front Wig

A ginger lace front wig has to be one of the most admirable wigs globally. Right from the Ginger color of the wig, you already get a lot of admirers. What now turns these admirers into constant lookers is the natural look. Because of the lace front in your wig, the wig takes a natural look. Therefore, it makes people wonder how your hair can look so natural with a red color. But no matter how great your ginger lace front wig looks, how it feels, and how well it makes you look, your wig will still have some tangles.

Tangles in a human hair wig may not be as much as their synthetic counterparts. So if your ginger lace front wig is authentic, you may not be facing so many tangles. However, these tangles are inevitable. From the wind to when you wash your hair, so many things can cause your wig to tangle. We know how bad your wig can get when it is tangled. Immediately, it loses that beauty and shine that once made you happy, and most likely, you will consider throwing the wig away. However, a wig tangling is normal, and with the proper steps, you can restore that wig from being tangled. All you need is some products and a bit of patience to follow all steps correctly. Let's examine the steps to make your tangled ginger lace front wig look alive.

Get all required equipment

To untangle your ginger lace front wig, you will need some equipment. The best way to go about it is to ensure that you get this equipment before you start untangling it. The equipment you will need depends on the type of wigs you have. Because it is a lace front, you will need a comb with a wide-tooth, a spray bottle, a conditioner, water, a flat surface, or wig head.

Place your wig on a flat surface or wig stand

Untangling requires a lot of patience. First, you need to set the wig on the working area you want. If you have a wig stand, that is an excellent working area. If you do not have one, find a flat and wide surface like a table to place the wig.

Mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle

Have a mix of your water and conditioner in the spray bottle. Ensure that 75% of the mixture is water and 25% is the conditioner. If the wig is excessively tangled, you may need to soak in warm water.

Spray tips with a mixture of water and conditioner

You will start the untangling process from the tips of your wig. Start by spraying the water mixture and conditioner beneath the tips and combing the tips sprayed with the mixture. When you find out that the tips are not tangled, you can continue to climb up the wig. Repeat the process until you get to the top of the wig. After that, allow your wig dry(air dry) correctly, but comb at intervals to stop any form of entanglement.


Untangling your ginger lace front wig and any wig is an easy process that requires patience. With the steps recorded in this guide, untangling your wig shouldn't be a problem.