22-Inch Tape-In Hair Extensions for Curly Hair: Tips for Seamless Blending

22-Inch Tape-In Hair Extensions for Curly Hair: Tips for Seamless Blending

Curly hair is the best manifestation of natural beauty, and sometimes we desire some more lengthening or volume to make our hair more amazing. Not long after tape-in hair extensions replaced other ways of changing the look of your hair, this was a real game-changer for people who want to change their appearance. Nevertheless, when creating curly hairstyles on the runway, editors and stylists face more challenges in making sure that the hair looks blended effortlessly than in straight hairstyles. Don't be afraid, because you’ll surely be able to join 22 inch hair extensions to your curly hair using the right method and tips, and the result will be a flawless look.

Understanding Your Curls

It becomes important to comprehend your curls before going for a tape-in extension as an initial step. Curly hair has different textures, from loose waves to tight coils, and every type is different, so its care and styling methods are also different. Knowing your curly hair pattern will help you opt for the right type of extensions and enable a perfect blend.

Choosing the Right Extensions

Curly-haired ladies should choose top-quality human hair extensions when picking tape-in extensions. These extensions are easily incorporated into the hair system, but they can also be styled and maintained just like real hair. What more? Make a good choice of extensions that are most similar to your hair type and color to achieve the best blending effect.

Placement Matters

Achieving a perfect blend in tape-in extensions requires the application to be carried out carefully. Find a skilled hair technician who deals with tape-in extensions, as they will be in a better position to determine a proper placement for curls. Put the curling iron in such a way as to make sure it will be invisible to natural waves.

Styling Techniques

After the extensions are in, it’s time to style your hair in such a way that leaves absolutely no blemish. Welcome your curls and employ the use of products that are specifically made for curly hair to give you extra definition and volume. Avoiding applying heat directly to the tape tabs is advisable since this might lead to them becoming weaker and losing their strength over time.

Regular Touch-Ups

Your hair will continue growing with the flow of time, so, you must get your tape-in extensions touched up from time to time to achieve a smooth blend. Schedule an appointment with your hairstylist every 6-8 weeks to relocate the extensions a little bit closer to the roots. This will help your extensions look natural and undetectable.


Indeed, with the proper techniques and care, managing 22-inch tape-in human hair extensions to blend them seamlessly with curls is possible. Opt for natural curls, acquire quality hair extensions, and ask your hairstylist for advice to get the hair you've always admired. Your days of self-doubt and fear of the hairdresser can be over with a bit of effort and the right products, you can have the long, voluminous curls you want with confidence and style.